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{EVENT} The 7th Annual Secret Santa

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#26 Dinoholic.


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Posted 06 December 2014 - 03:53 PM

Username: Dinoholic.

Name: Kimmie
Favorite Color(s): BLACK, WHITE, RED in that order lol (but I do like grey purple and teal as well) 
Favorite SHINee Member & Pairing: JONGHYUN, JongTae <3
Other Artists/Groups/Bands I like: 2PM, GOT7
Other Random Facts/Comments: I'm easily pleased, anything cute I like ^^ anything jonghyun or JongTae related will make me happy hahah I also like nice pretty graphics 
Simple Wishlist:  I would really like a beautipppol drawing/painting/anything artistic OF JONGHYUN  :D hehe so basically any fan-art would be niceeeee! 
Thanks in advance santa, if you're not artistic I'll still appreciate your gift  ^^

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#27 DHINee



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Posted 06 December 2014 - 05:59 PM

Username: DHINee
Name: Dhine
Favorite Color(s): baby blue, pearlescent blue and all blue colors. Lol.
Favorite SHINee Member & Pairing: Minho, OT5
Other Artists/Groups/Bands I like: Super Junior, B2ST
Other Random Facts/Comments: I love reading! When I have time, I always spend that by reading books
and of course listening to songs. I'm a music lover.
Simple Wishlist: Anything that you are willing to give I will accept that so you don't have to worry. Haha xD
But I'll appreciate more if you can send me anything that's related to Minho! Haha xD

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-Choi Minho

#28 SharonK



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Posted 06 December 2014 - 08:37 PM

Username: SharonK
Name: Sharon
Favorite Color(s): Pastel/soft colors
Favorite SHINee Member & Pairing: Favorite member is Key and my favorite pairing is OnTae/OT5
Other Artists/Groups/Bands I like: looooooooots of kpop girl groups, VIXX.
Other Random Facts/Comments: Cute is my weakness! anything involving Key too, of course. I'm 19, peruvian and study psychology. I'm a female idol lover!
Simple Wishlist: A christmas one-short would be super adorable, but I'll love anything I get~ let's do our best ^-^

#29 fernandepeace



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Posted 06 December 2014 - 09:07 PM

Username: fernandepeace
Name: Fernanda
Favorite Color(s): Yellow, purple, shades of green, like turquoise, aqua, etc.
Favorite SHINee Member & Pairing: Onew and my favorite pairing is by far Onew + MinHo.
Other Artists/Groups/Bands I like: Within KPop, I enjoy Super Junior-M (especially Henry and ZhouMi). I love Luna from f(x). I have a big spot in my heart for both K.Will and Eric Nam. For music in general, I love The Beatles, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Disney soundtracks as well as musicals. (very diverse, I know!)
Other Random Facts/Comments: I'm really into knowing about cultures, since I'm studying to become a social-cultural anthropologist. I have no idea in what you could use that info but okay LOL.  I really really like Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon, favorite games ever. Not animé person really, but I love Card Captor Sakura a lot. Also, I have an actual obsession with music, I don't lie when it's basically my life because it has gotten me where I am today. 
Simple Wishlist: Anything you think I'd like it's fine, with the info I wrote! But I guess if I had to say, I'd appreciate OnHo fanfiction and edits a lot, and for Onew alone too! But like I said, anything will be super welcomed! You can surprise me <3

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#30 Aerlynne29



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Posted 06 December 2014 - 11:12 PM

Username: Aerlynne29
Name: Mary Heart Lyn
Favorite Color(s): Pink, Yellow, Black
Favorite SHINee Member & Pairing: Taemin, TaeKey
Other Artists/Groups/Bands I like: 2PM, 2AM, Beast, Got7, FTIsland, IU, Utada Hikaru, TVXQ, MissA, Navi, Lena Park, APink, and many more...
Other Random Facts/Comments: I love Anime and anything Korean (songs, drama, movie)! Love Taemin and Kim Soo Hyun! I love Harry Potter and Twilight Series! (Love it when Taemin acted out as Edward in WGM photoshoot with then virtual wife Na Eun.) Love dancing so much just like Taemin does, but I did not get to dance anymore for such a long time. Thanks to Taemin's dancing, I feel like I want to dance again.
Simple Wishlist: A gift from the heart is what matters most. It's the thought that counts. Anyways, any Taemin pics/video collection would be great. I want Taemin's long hair but can't find so much with good quality. ♥♥♥

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#31 jenmonster



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Posted 07 December 2014 - 04:28 AM

Username: jenmonster
Name: Jennifer
Favorite Color(s): all colours, not so much brown :P
Favorite SHINee Member & Pairing: love them all! ^^
Other Artists/Groups/Bands I like: Apink!
Other Random Facts/Comments: I am quite a big kdrama fan keke. my fav dramas atm are YWCFTS, I Hear Your Voice, Gu Family Book, It's Okay That's Love, Doctor Stranger, Liar Game and am so far enjoying Pinocchio. Don't feel obliged to do anything involving dramas though hahaha
Simple Wishlist: I'm fine with anything Santa! :D

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