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산소 같은 너 (Love Like Oxygen)

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Posted 25 August 2011 - 10:13 PM

Posted Image
Korean lyrics by Kwon Yunjung & Kim Younghu
Composed by Mikkel Remee Sigvardt, Lucas Secon, Thomas Troelsen
Arranged by Jo Yonghoon
*The Korean title 산소 같은 너"" translates to "You're Like Oxygen".

산소 같은 너

[종현] 떨어져 깨질듯 한 투명한 네게
달콤한 독물 퍼지듯 [김종현]

[온유] 하얗게 얼어붙은 내 오랜 상처가 [이진기]
[Key] 너의 가슴속 깊게 퍼져도 [김기범]

[민호/태민] 잡은 듯 할 때 파고드는 [최민호]
크롬의 비늘 날카로움 [이태민]

*[All] 산소 같은 너 [샤이니]
난 너만 들이쉬면
다시 내뱉을 수 없어
이 잔인한 고통 속에
내가 죽어가고 있잖아

[온유] 차갑고 시리도록 투명한 너를 [이진기]
[Key] 마시고 또 마셔 봐도 [김기범]
[종현] 하얗게 질리도록 달려온 것만큼 [김종현]
너란 사랑에 목이 말라

[민호/태민] 잡은 듯 할 때 스며드는 [최민호]
서퍼의 습격 이 부드러움 [이태민]


[태민] 얼음 같던 사랑 달콤했던 고통
[종현] 물결 같던 나의 진심은 [샤이니]
[Key] 얼음 같던 유혹 달콤했던 눈물
[온유] 아름답게 날 죽음으로


[민호] 찢겨진 듯한 내 사랑의 아픔
이 독한 슬픔 깨져 버린 나의 얼음
속에 흐르는 눈물
[Key] 날아가 버린, 결국 날 버린
나를 갈라버린 지독한 향기

[민호] 그대 없인 숨이 막혀
[태민] 갈수록 지쳐
[민호/태민] 넌 산소 같아 내게

[All] 산소 같은 산소 같은
산소 같은 너
([민호] 산소 같아 내게)

Sanso Gateun Neo

[Jonghyun] Ddeoleojyeokkaejildeut han tumyeonghan negae
Dalkomham dokmul peojideut [Kim Jonghyun]
[Onew] Hayakgae eoleobooteun
Nae oraen sangchyeoga [Lee Jinki]
[Key] Neoae gaseumsok gipgae peojyeodo [Kim Kibum]

[Minho/Taemin] Jabeun deut hal ddae pagodeuneun [Choi Minho]
Keuromae bineul nalkaro.oom [Lee Taemin]

*[All] Sanso gateun neo [SHINee]
Nan neoman deulishwimyeon
Dashi naebaeteul su eopseo
Ee janinhan gotong sokae
Naega jookeogago itjana*

[Onew] Chagapgo siridorok tumyeonghan neoreul [Lee Jinki]
[Key] Mashigo ddo mashyeo bwado [Kim Kibum]
[Jonghyun] Hayakgae jillidorok dalryeo.on geotmankeum
Neoran sarangae mogi malla [Kim Jonghyun]

[Minho/Taemin] Jabeun deut hal ddae seumyeodeuneun [Choi Minho]
Seopeoae seupgyeok ee buduryeo.oom [Lee Taemin]


[Taemin] Eoleum gatdeon sarang dalkomhaetdeon gotong
[Jonghyun] Moolgyeol gatdeon na.ae jinshimeun [SHINee]
[Key] Eoleum gatdeon yuhok dalkomhaetdeon noonmool
[Onew] Areumdapgae nal jookeumeuro


[Minho] Jjikgyeojin deut.han nae sarangae apeum
Ee dokhan seulpeum kkaejyeo beorin na.ae eoleum
Sogae heureuneun noonmool
[Key] Nalaga beorin gyeolgook nal beorin
Nareul gallabeorin jidokhan hyanggi

[Minho] Geudae eopsin soomi makhyeo
[Taemin] Galsurok jichyeo
[Minho/Taemin] Neon sangso gata naegae

[All] Sanso gateun sangso gateun
Sanso gateun neo
([Minho] Sanso gata naegae)

Love Like Oxygen

[Jonghyun] Inside of your transparent self
Who would break if you were dropped
A sweet yet poisonous substance spreads [Kim Jonghyun]
[Onew] Even if my old scars that have frozen white [Lee Jinki]
[Key] Spread deeply inside your heart [Kim Kibum]

[Minho/Taemin] When I think I caught you [Choi Minho]
The sharp scales of chromium cut me [Lee Taemin]

*[All] You're like oxygen [SHINee]
If I just breathe you in
I can't breathe you back out
Inside this cruel agony
I'm dying away

[Onew] You're transparent to the point you're cold and chilly [Lee Jinki]
[Key] That even if I try to breathe you in again [Key]
[Jonghyun] I'm still thirsty for the love that is you
Equal to the amount I've ran, even turning my face white [Jonghyun]

[Minho/Taemin] When I think I caught you [Choi Minho]
This gentle sulfer infiltrates and attacks [Lee Taemin]


[Taemin] A love like ice, the sweet agony
[Jonghyun] My honesty was like a wave [SHINee]
[Key] A temptation like ice, the sweet tears
[Onew] You lead me to my death beautifully


[Minho] The pain of my love feels
As if I were ripped up, this poisonous sadness
Inside of my broken ice, I shed tears
[Key] It flew away, in the end it threw me away
The terrible scent that cut me

[Minho] I can't breathe without you
[Taemin] I'm growing tired
[Minho/Taemin] You're like oxygen to me

[All] Like oxygen, like oxygen
You're like oxygen
([Minho] You're like oxygen to me)

T/N: The heavy metal in chromium would cut deeply and leave an excruciating
pain to the person. It is another way to portray the unbearable pain of love.

T/N: Once sulfer and oxygen come together, it becomes sulfur dioxide
which is a toxic gas and can irritate one's breathing.
It is another way to portray suffocation and again, pain of love.

Cr. kimchi hana & jennyjjong. @ shineee.net
Please credit if you take this out of SFI!

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 09:40 PM

love this fanchant <3 i am being a shawol because of this song. haha

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Posted 09 May 2013 - 03:50 PM

aigo, these fanchants are so adorable ^_^ it's so lovely when you can hear them loud and clear :D

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 03:25 PM

I remember this song. Choi MinHo was thinking of his fantasy girl while singing this, is my radar right? .

I just want to say thank you for posting the lyrics its a big help on me and also to the shawols:-)

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