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02 Kiss Kiss Kiss

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#1 kimchi hana

kimchi hana


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 08:02 PM

Posted Image
Lyrics by: Ryosuke 'Dr.R' Sakai
Composed by: Chris Meye, Carl Utbult

[TM] そう、あの日僕たちはふたり出会ったね
[KEY] 初め出会った日から 気持ちを言えないままで
[JH] 過ごしてきたけど今日こそはこの思い届けるよ

[TM] 君だけに
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[TM] どんな時も
[KEY] 僕がずっと君のそばにいるよ

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] 君だけを
[KEY] これからも見つめていたい
[JH] I wanna feel you もっと
[ON] 全ての愛をこめて kiss 送るよ

[JH] 無邪気に笑う君の
[KEY] 声はいつの日も僕を 照らし
[ON] てくれている

[JH] 君だけに
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[JH] どんな時も
[KEY] 僕は君を守り続けるよ

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] 君だけを
[KEY] いつまでも抱きしめていたい
[TM] I wanna feel you もっと
[JH] 全ての愛をこめて kiss 送るよ

[TM] I just want you
[JH] 君がいればほかに何もいらない
[KEY] I just need you
[ON] 君の全部をI love you

[MH] Always 君の隣に僕がいるよ
Always 僕の隣に君がいるよ

[TM] 君だけに ([JH] 君だけに)
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[TM] どんな時も
[KEY] 僕がずっと君のそばにいるよ
([JH] 君のそばにいるよ)

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] 君だけを
[KEY] これからも見つめていたい
[JH] I wanna feel you もっと
[ON] 全ての愛をこめて kiss 送るよ

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss どんな時も
([ON] どんな時も baby)
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss 君だけを
[ON] I wanna feel you もっと
[JH] 全ての愛をこめて kiss 送るよ

[TM] Sou ano hi bokutachi wa futari deatta ne
[ON] Mada adokenasa ga nokotteta ano yokogao wasurenai
[KEY] Hajimete atta hi kara kimochi wo ienai mamade
[JH] Sugoshite kita kedo kyou koso wa kono omoi todokeru yo

[TM] Kimi dake ni
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[TM] Donna toki mo
[KEY] Boku ga zutto kimi no soba ni iru yo

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] kimi dake wo
[KEY] Kore kara mo mitsumete itai
[JH] I wanna feel you motto
[ON] Subete no ai wo komete kiss okuru yo

[JH] Mujaki ni warau kimi no
[KEY] Koe wa itsu no hi mo boku wo
[ON] Terashite kureteru
Kimi ga iru kara boku mo waraerunda

[JH] Kimi dake ni
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[JH] Donna toki mo
[KEY] Boku wa kimi wo mamori tsutdzukeru yo

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] Kimi dake wo
[KEY] Itsumademo dakishimete itai
[TM] I wanna feel you motto
[JH] Subete no ai wo komete kiss okuru yo

[TM] I just want you
[JH] Kimi ga ireba hoka ni nani mo iranai
[KEY] I just need you
[ON] Kimi no zenbu I love you

[MH] Always kimi no tonari ni boku ga iru yo
Always boku no tonari ni kimi ga iru yo
Ikura kagaitemo atama no naka wa
Kimi dake de muchuu no boku wo tomerarenai
Boku no subete wo kagetekita
Kimi no soba

[TM] Kimi dake ni ([JH] Kimi dake ni)
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[TM] Donna toki mo
[KEY] Boku ga zutto kimi no soba ni iru yo
([JH] Kimi no soba ni)

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] Kimi dake wo
[KEY] Kore kara mo mitsumete itai
[JH] I wanna feel you motto
[ON] Subete no ai wo komete kiss okuru yo

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss donna toki mo
([ON] Donna toki mo baby)
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss kimi dake wo
[ON] I wanna feel you motto
[JH] Subete no ai wo komete kiss okuru yo

[TM] So the two of us met that day
[ON] You still had that innocent look
I couldn't forget your side profile
[KEY] Since the day I met you, I couldn't tell you how I felt
[JH] But today, I'll convey these feelings to you

[TM] Just for you a
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[TM] Anytime
[KEY] I'll always be by your side

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] Only you
[KEY] I want to keep looking at you
[JH] I wanna feel you more
[ON] With all my love, I'll send you a kiss

[JH] Laughing so innocently
[KEY] Your voice has always been
[ON] Shining upon me
Because you're with me, I can smile

[JH] Just for you a
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[JH] Anytime
[KEY] I'll make sure to protect you

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] Only you
[KEY] I want to hold you forever
[TM] I wanna feel you more
[JH] With all my love, I'll send you a kiss

[TM] I just want you
[JH] If I have you, I don't need anything else
[KEY] I just need you
[ON] Everything of you, I love you

[MH] Always, I am by your side
Always, you are by my side
Even though I'm holding onto you so tightly
I can't help myself from filling my head with thoughts of you
I want to risk all that I have by your side

[TM] Just for you a ([JH] Just for you)
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[TM] Anytime
[KEY] I'll always be by your side
([JH] Be by your side)

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss
[ON] Only you
[KEY] I want to keep looking at you
[JH] I wanna feel you more
[ON] With all my love, I'll send you a kiss

[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss anytime
([ON] Any time, baby)
[ALL] Kiss kiss kiss only you
[ON] I wanna feel you more
[JH] With all my love, I'll send you a kiss

Credit: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

#2 Harmony


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:25 AM

Uwah, hananim translates both Korean and Japanese! O: 
I remember when this song came out as the first not-translated-from-a-korean-release Japanese song of theirs. It reminds me of the beginning of my first year in uni because I listened to it rather nonstop on repeat when it came out. ^^
I remember hearing Jonghyun's line "I want to feel you motto" made my roommate raise her eyebrows a bit. Ahahaha
And the song has such sweet lyrics :wub: 
The song's a soft ballady yet upbeat melody that carries their voices really well.
And I love Minho's rap. One of my favorites of his. The kind that can put you sleep at night. It's just...uh. Nice. Smooth. i'm very eloquent. 
Thank you for the lyrics and translations, Hananim!

#3 onewjjang



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Posted 11 January 2013 - 08:29 AM

Oh, I noticed that this song was posted on my birthday last 2 years? Lol.
I love this song very much since I listen to it when it was released.
I still remember how I super like it because it's their first Japanese single (I mean not a remake of the Korean songs since they did a lot of remake that time) and it sounds so nice.
And to really read the translation, it's just a sweet lyrics.
I noticed that the Japanese lyrics all tend to be romantic and some very cheesy and fluffy.
But I LOVE IT!!! Because Korean just wouldn't have this kind of light hearted lyrics for the idols.
So I love SHINee's Japanese original very much. This goes to all the others Japanese original songs too. ^_^
Thank you so much for the lyrics, rom and trans. :D

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

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#4 GiFt'snw



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 08:30 PM

I like this song, I start to study japanese languages.

#5 ChoiAffley


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:26 AM

Posted ImageI really like this song more after understanding it.
Our boyz never disappoint us. SHINee just nailed it completely.
Thanks for the translation. I really appreciate your hard work.



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#6 me- key

me- key


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:59 AM

I really love this sonG!!^^
thank you for sharing and translating !! :)
and i appreciate your hardwork!! :D

#7 Dinoholic.



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Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:50 AM

Oooh let me pop in with my late comments again XD
I really enjoy listening to this song, it's refreshing and happy ^_^
I particularly enjoy their live performances of this song, so adorable :D
thanks for translating

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#8 alicetokki.



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Posted 17 June 2013 - 12:32 PM

I love listening to this song, it's so pretty and just, n'aw ^^ Why are their Japanese songs so good?!


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#9 ayamefan13



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Posted 06 August 2013 - 03:02 AM

One of my favorite Japanese songs from them. It's a light and fun melody goes well with the lyrics. Have had it on repeat.

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#10 Jinkick214


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Posted 14 September 2013 - 06:51 PM

"[ON] Kimi no zenbu I love you" I keep repeating that part, Onew's voice just.. So beautiful ;_; *melt*
Thank you for the lyrics :D

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