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{TRANS} Staffmember behind SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" PV speaks about the video

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#1 joAnnwashere



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Posted 13 September 2012 - 09:58 PM

SHINee’s Dazzling girl video was released. I was in charge of the costumes. Even though it shown only a bit of the whole thing, please watch for the boys’ smile that knocked out even me myself, their charms and performance as well.

The concept of the music video is about the other side of the mirror and this side of it. The other side is SHINee the star, whose members are cool and edgy. This side, is the real, cute SHINee who act as the dream team of professionals that transform a girl into a dazzling girl. SHINee from each side sing and dance. The girl who became the dazzling girl then enters into the other side of the mirror.

Taemin takes care of the make up, Minho does the hair. Onew is the graphic designer. And then, Jonghyun is the cameraman. That was the setting. Everyone acted smoothly despite shooting in a hard environment in the middle of the night. If there’s such a transformation team like this really existed then surely any kind of girl can be transformed into such a beauty. Or rather, probably died of excitement.

The long, tiring filming took two days. Further more, it was their first time working with us Japanese staffs, so there must be a lot of thing that they still not adapted to, yet they were really a pro. They were quite shy at first, but as they were getting comfortable, each member’s individualistic became apparent, charming. And what’s more is that they’re so close with each other that you’d smile just by watching them. Their performance were pro. They’re a star.

Also, all of their dance performance from those repetitive numerous takes were in high quality that I was so touched by each of them. If you may, please watch the full version. There will be continuous cuts that might excite you to death. (Laugh)

Source: keitamaruyama
Translation by: redleonette (Red @ Live .livejournal)


Art by halysia

#2 ellatron3000



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Posted 13 September 2012 - 10:42 PM

i want to watch the mv even more now! cant wait!

#3 TaeHeen



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Posted 13 September 2012 - 10:46 PM

The boys smile knocked me out for sure!! The story of this mv is quite cool! Every fan wishes to be the dazzling girl!
Taemin doing make up.. Lol. What about Key? We wasn't listed, or is it a surprise?

Their performance was pro, they're star! I like that!!

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#4 zengx2



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Posted 13 September 2012 - 11:01 PM

Can't wait for the mv to be released
What happened to Key?
I think I would die due to excitement if tasking is helping me put makeup

#5 aiden.


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Posted 13 September 2012 - 11:08 PM

Hah! Jia! I told you Taemin's the makeup artist! LOL

It was obvious in the teaser and in real life that Key is, and will always be, in charge of the clothes!

I just find it funny how they said that SHINee will transform a girl into a dazzling girl, then Onew becomes a graphic designer...does that mean he'll photoshop the pictures to make the girl look good? =))

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#6 CrazyMagicSugar



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Posted 14 September 2012 - 12:17 AM

all I can say is..... I'M DYING in excitement.... :) :) :) :)

well at this time while I'm editing this... it's a Daebak!!! just to expand my post... :)

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Credit: MirnaEleanor

I Hope I 'm not violating again!

#7 Taeminnie_Taemint



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Posted 14 September 2012 - 12:28 AM

Their teasers are really killing me TToTT
Can't wait
Can't wait
Can't wait >.<

The mv teaser is really makes me dying of curiosity!!!! >o<
Onew - graphic designer
Key - fashion designer
Minho - does hair
Taemin - make up artist??? LOL LOL LOL
SHINee salon - heaven LOL LOL LOL

#8 Lasco92


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Posted 14 September 2012 - 06:23 AM

seriously the way they smile in that mv!!!! oh i can't handle it!!! wish i could just give them all a huge hug!!!
*gasp* Onew is the graphic designer!!!! that's what i am!!!!!!!!..........studying to be!!

our boys are working so hard and i'm so proud, especially by reading this!!!

#9 ruuface



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Posted 14 September 2012 - 06:46 AM

i'm really looking forward to this video. the teaser was so cool. ~(*___*)~

#10 _rebecrebec



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Posted 14 September 2012 - 09:17 AM

ah... now i get it. onew is the graphic designer hehehehe. oh kay. been watching the teaser the whole day(sss) LOLOLOL and the dance is damn epic i love it. and how they're pronounced dazzling become "dazz-e-ling" is so cute tho

#11 KiWiAcToR



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Posted 15 September 2012 - 12:51 AM

zomg even the staff was captivated by SHINee's charm!!! she must be a J-shawol!! lololol.. XDDD
she's right when she said we might die becuase of their cuteness.. i was screaming and shouting and jumping and all when i saw the teaser.. good thing we dont have glass walls in our house otherwise they must have been broken by now. i was hyperventilating then and still is whenever is see the taeser.. i know what will happen when i get to see the full mv.. x_x
at one point i envy those staffs working with our boys.. how can they be soooo close to them and be the luckiest persons on earth haizt....





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#12 ilovesasuke



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Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:11 AM

omg! i loved it! it was the gratest thing i have seen since the first time i saw taemin!!!! can't wait for the full mv....so far its just too cute!
.....Once a Taemin fan, always a Taemin fan.....

#13 Mimey



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 03:54 AM

Taemin does make up?? Minho does the hair?? and Onew the graphic designer??
Goshh!!! the MV must be daebakk!!
Im so excited rite now~~
Palli release the MV now..

#14 Lilly Raj

Lilly Raj


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Posted 16 September 2012 - 04:29 AM

cant wait any longer... dying of excitement....
i wish i was that 'dazzling girl'... sigh!!!
they r PRO they r STAR... *PROUD*
SHINee for SHAWOL...<3 SHAWOL for SHINee... <3
*HUGS* for all SHINee MEMBERS...
they look awesome, adorable, cute n sweet in the MV with their killer SMILE :)
eagerly waiting for the MV...

*LeeJinKi* *KimJongHyun* *KimKiBum* *ChoiMinHo* *LeeTaeMin* *SHINee* *SHAWOL*

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#15 nardyto



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 07:47 AM

ugh oh my gosh, this is killing me! i wanna see the full mv now! when are they releasing it? :'( i'm so excited i can't waaait!!! :D
and that staffmember is right! shinee's smiles are sooo gorgeous and like, oh my gosh perfection. i can't wait to see more scenes like that because the teaser was already enough to drive me crazy X)
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#16 fh_b2uty



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 08:40 AM

Thank you for the post!! :D
Ohh my, when are they releasing this? UHGGHHG I CAN'T wait LOL Minho did the hair? kekeekeke

#17 paradoxed



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 12:23 PM

Can I die now, it's still long till the 10th of October! Onew the graphic designer? Can't imagine hehe.

#18 MintyBerry


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Posted 16 September 2012 - 04:17 PM

This theme kind of reminds me of the idea for the japanese version of Replay.. I can't wait!



#19 msjello



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Posted 16 September 2012 - 07:29 PM

lol shes totally right. any girl would die of excitement if they had shinee as their styling team
i just wanna say right now that i don't like taemin's hairstyle. they should seriously stop with that
lol. if taemin really did makeup and minho really did hair i wonder what that would look like in real life
the room where they did their solo parts honestly looks really cheap. whatever. since shinee is coming out with more music, ill take it

thanx for sharing~

#20 MinY Redish

MinY Redish


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Posted 16 September 2012 - 11:15 PM

I'm dying here! What a great feed back from the staff
Knock down by SHINee's charm, might excited u to death! Yea yea it's SHINee's charm that no one can deny, keke
And the storyline sound so cute! Srsly can't wait for the PV >v<
SHINee and staff have worked really hard ^^~! Thank you all <3





#21 bieha



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Posted 17 September 2012 - 06:36 AM

I want Taemin to take care of my make up, Minho for my hair, Onew for my graphic designer, Key for my stylish, and then, Jonghyun is my cameraman. Kekeke XD

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#22 nitaRnita


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Posted 17 September 2012 - 05:26 PM

It was obvious in the teaser and in real life that Key is, and will always be, in charge of the clothes!

I'm so agree with this comment, Key is and will always be in charge of the clothes, and i think even the writer deliberately not saying anything about Key's role on this mv, because we all already know about it.. ^^

and Onew's playing a role as a smart person...woooaahh..can't wait to see the full mv :)

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#23 nathalie ^-^

nathalie ^-^


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 05:03 AM

such a good teaser and all shawol cant wait with that!!
highly anticipated..
and this mv has a plot so i want to see that so bad X)

#24 sweetcookie



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Posted 18 September 2012 - 11:31 PM

i can't wait the music video

#25 unknowngirl



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Posted 19 September 2012 - 01:28 AM

What was Key in charge of? lol
I'm gonna sit and squirm a lot waiting for the MV. Even though I don't like the outfit that much :P but I am sure it will be great! :D

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