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{ETY2012} 121208 SHINee World II in Singapore, Jinki taking my plush toy ;~;

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 09:47 AM

Do not take personal fanaccounts out of the

forum without permission from the owner.

121208 SWCII SG ending-

omg omgomgomgomg okay so I just attended SWC II Singapore!!!! I returned home awhile ago and i'm getting ready to sleep actually. but I MUST TYPE THIS OUT BEFORE I FORGET IT!! THIS IS TOO PRECIOUS OMG but it's gonna be a short one tho cos I'm tired xD will add in more stuff later if i'm not too lazy!!

ok so I bought this ice cream/lollipop/kebab thing specifically to throw on stage (idk what it is tbh but I just bought it cos it looked SO CUTE~ literally begging for me to take it) it's some rilakkuma...thing...and it looks like THIS >>>>> Posted Image
(yeah and sorry for not taking a picture of the whole thing properly when it was new x.x) so i was in the mosh for swc and it was crazyyy~~~

and well I attempted to throw it but missed the stage xD (i seriously need to work out or smth ;~; ) security returned me the stuffed toy tho..........and the shawol next to me, who has been pushing me to the left, away from my spot actually offered to help me throw it (i guess she felt bad lmao cos I told her my stuff is at where she's standing, she literally squeezed in between me and my friend) and yay for that if not it would have NEVER been thrown on the stage.
anyway SG fans went crazy with the stuffed toys looool I swear it looked like SHINee was in a shopping mall full of toys??? Key was in front of our pit, paused and looked at all the toys on the floor and LAUGHED AT US LOL xD with this really cute OTL expression on his face

soooo yeah they picked the toys that they liked and I kinda felt hopeless because my toy looked so -normal- in the plethora of toys and yeah. (oh and I saw Jinki being hit by some other plush toy too, I got worried for him :/ we threw mine early on, only when they hadn't reached our part of the stage) so they walked towards the ends of the stage, the boys said their final goodbyes and bows and the birthday boy Jinki was so hyper~ he picked up this googly sunglasses? so they came towards our end of the stage first. and then he STOPPED.



everything was happening in slow-motion underwater for me because I felt like I was watching a film of something it just felt soooooooo unreal?!?!! ;~;

and then he plunked my toy back on stage and went to go play with other toys xD

EVEN IF IT WAS ONLY FOR A FEW SECONDS. i was like ohmyGODDDDDDDDD I cannot believe this at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!jfslkfjslkdfjlsa cos I was fully prepared to have my toy unnoticed among the sea of toys lol. BUT THOSE FEW SECONDS WERE SO PRECIOUS TO ME. ;~; ;~; ;~; ;~; COS HE FOUND THE TOY CUT E and i'm like omggggg Jinki we have the same tastes OMG MY FEELS WHYYY

i think you can probably find a fancam of this tho, cos he was holding my toy when they did one of their final bows at the extended end of the stage ^____^
>>>> shall insert it later if i find it?
but it missed the moment where he picked it up tho, it was so cutely done xD

and I totally didn't realise he used the toy to wave goodbye, i only had a view of his back and i was being too stunned ;~~;

yep so after they left the stage the toys were there, and there was this girl who asked the security to get my toy so she could have it... security didn't notice me at all.
i was practically DYING trying to get my toy tho ;~~~; so anyway I couldn't I really couldn't pass up my toy so I went to her and told her I bought it actually and she didn't believe me... i sounded really desperate and I told her I had receipt tags to prove it and all. i was searching like crazy (the whole time i was thinking, man what if I can't find these tags in this mess?) but yeah I did bring it.and showed it to her, and she actually gave it back to me nicely with a smile ;~~~~~~~~~~;

she could have insisted on keeping it, but she didn't!! lucky there wasn't a fight over this ;~~; thank you whoever you are! (that's what i like about shawols, they were so reasonable during this concert! ^_^) well yeah so that's my long & hard journey of how I got my plush toy back and this makes it more cherished.

sooooo I got my toy and when I held it it was SO DAMP FROM ALL HIS SWEAT OMG
I was literally hugging the toy all the way back home and inhaling his scent... idk how retarded I must've looked trying to sniff a toy on the public transport lmao
Jinki you have been throwing my bias list into chaos recently and now thisssss omg/?? please stop messing with my feels :(

and you guys know what the BEST THING IS????
jinki got cake smeared on my toy!!!!!! (there were birthday cakes too since we also celebrated onho's birthday, and you guys know how CAKED onho were xD) well hahaha it was dirty and all after being thrown on the floor and y'know but STILLLLL. I COULDN'T RESIST xD
no judginggggg I mean hey cake from JINKI'S FACE??? JINKI'S CLOTHES?? JINKI'S BODY?? WHEREVER who knows!!!!!! so yeah i took some and tasted it looool

this is what it looked like at first!!!!! FRESH ORIGINAL JINKI CAKE SMEARRRRR >>>>>>>
Posted Image

and...what's left after I ate some and being through the public transport (i tried to preserve the blessed cake smear tho, so precious). some of the cake dried up too
Posted Image

oh and this is a proper picture of the toy that I took after I got back xD
Posted Image

I SWEAR. JINKI'S SWEAT ACTUALLY SMELLS NICE@@!@!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SERIOUS I'M NOT JOKING NOR JUST SAYING THIS IN A FANGIRL STATE LOL BUT HIS SWEAT REALLY SMELLS LIKE......... uh kinda sweet?????? or idk if that's the cake LOL but anyway i smelled the other parts without the cake and yeah his sweat is oddly not stinky o___o
WEEELLL, it does smell like sweat but it's a sweet smell that's like...somewhat like vanilla? i dunno but it really isn't gross-smelling or whatever so don't go all ick on me ;~;

Jinki's scent is beautifuuulllll omg I wanna take that stuffed toy to sleep every night from now on but firsssttttt, I must wash it cos frankly it's quite dirty and it's kinda unhygienic to put it on my bed xD maybe it's a good thing that Taemin didn't pick it up instead hahaha I DON'T THINK I'D EVER WASH IT
it's like a nice Christmas present to keep :') now whenever I look at it, I'll always be reminded of the memories of SWCII. I'm really too lucky, way too lucky to receive this from you ;~; and being jinki-ified too.

;~~~; and this is coming from a taemint... oh god

...ok that was a short fanaccount...maybe not xD there's actually a lot more cute moments, swc was seriously daebak!!!!!! i only finished this fanaccount at 1:30 AM o___o wow i must seriously get some sleep. woke up yesterday at arnd 4++am for the concert? but still, the best experience ever. SHINee is truly beyond amazing :) got too carried away with the fanaccount hahaa

i'll add more fanaccounts of their moments another time or something ^^

sorry if I sound incoherent here or something i'm really just a blubbering mess right now LOL goodnight~

PS.: what's amazing is that when I showed her a picture of the toy before the concert, mejiaas (Jo) actually suggested that Onew might pick it up and I was like pffffffft no way, why would he even pick it? that's just cos you're an mvp BUT LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED OMG JO YOU HAVE FATE WITH ONEW YOU'RE PSYCHIC OR SMTH I SWEAR GIRLLLLL AND BE GLAD HIS SWEAT SMELL IS ATTRACTIVE

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 10:36 AM

Oh yeah.... First!

Erm.... Can you buy me that toy?...It is sooooo freakin' cute!
Lol, can't believe Onew picked up your toy aswell! Hey hey... I was lmao-ing when you said it was good that Taemin didn't pick it up otherwise you wouldn't have washed the toy.... I would do exact same thing!
I see the cake smear! You actually tasted it? Whut?! Lol.

You know how jealous I am? I've turned into strawberry jelly.

If SHINee came for a SHINee world concert here ...... _{_^_}_

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 01:08 PM

waaa~! I've never been so jealous of someone with a cake-stained, sweaty toy before!!! That's awesome!! I love how you took the time to explain that Jinki has sweet-smelling sweat. <3 This is oddly nice to know, though I don't know why!!! :D I wish I could smell him in person~ :3 And... maybe lick a bead off his neck. Just saying!!!! //bricked.

Thank you for sharing~!



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Posted 08 December 2012 - 01:47 PM

LMAO OMG hahaha this has to be my favorite post ever of a fans toy encounter with shinee >< XD that toy really is cute i loled so hard about the part when he just threw it back on the floor XD waaaa~ your so lucky to have him even notice it then actually touch it and get it personalized with his jinki sweat and cake smear >< AND THEN GET IT BACK!! O-o SO much better than an autograph i think.. but then again you'd be able to meet them face to face BUT STILL JINKI SWEAT ><
Posted Image

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 02:58 PM

A very cool experience! I was worried because of all those toys. The boys could have tripped and hurt themselves T.T

Mrs. Raina Kim

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 03:51 PM

OMGGGGG ONGGG KNGGGGG WHEN I READ TOS AND SAW JKNKI AND TOY GIRRL I SCREAAAMMEEDDDD onngggg I can't believe this excuse the typos I'm on mobile ahahah oh gosh my MVP heart is spazzing right now I can't believe that actually happened AHAHAHAHA I'm so happy for you I was laying on my bed like "I hope Jia is having a wonderful time with our boys :') :') and this happens omg you don't know how happy this makes me ok no words to describe no words to describe!! Sorry this is such a bad comment just me spazzing lmaaaaoooo

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:34 PM

@TaeHeen ahahahaa my cutie strawberry dongsaeng I'd buy you one if you came here!!!! HAHAHA i'm not sure if Taemin picking it up would be healthy for me tho...... idk how the cake got onto it :o yep I know it sounds gross, after being thrown on the floor and all but I tasted it :P

@Lani_Choi omg I know how lucky I am! x_x I've never liked such a dirty, sweat-stained toy before (heck, i'm not usually one to buy plushies) so much...but after shinee, now it's my most precious toy ever! see what you do to me? xD ehehe yeah it's like they're not from earth or something, I mean HOW is it possible that his sweat doesn't smell stinky??? o_O glad you enjoyed the part about onew's sweat smell xD it just isn't ... human ... to be this amazing lol OK SOBBING TT^TTTTTTTT

@locketylover_bunny omg i'm spazzing here when you said this is your favourite fanaccount like AKFHSDJHkfhskfhdskfhkfafkdslfaomgggggg thank you! it isn't even really a long moment but yeah it was daebak!! :wub: :wub: he picked it up really cutely like he was analysing all the toys before him with his googly sunglasses lol. YAY FOR BLESSED HOLY JINKI SWEAT <3

@Kim_Raina yeah I was kinda shocked at the amount of toys being thrown on stage haha o___o luckily the boys didn't trip or anything!! our boys know how to take care of themselves n_n

@mejiaas URURHHRGHHHURHGH URHGH YOUR MVP HEART PREDICTED THIS AND IT CAME TRUE I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN IDK WHERE TO START WITH YOU LOL you just said it on a whim and it actually happened o_O like ooohhhmyygododd how do you know what goes on in onew's mind?!??!!!! HOW?? LOL you make me happy too and nvm, I love your spazzes tho :wub:

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 06:45 PM

wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!I AM SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSS!i would have totally tasted the cake smeared on your adorable toy!hey who doesnt want to have a taste of ONEW!Hahaha!I hope when u wash the toy some of ONEW's scent would still remain.:D Im glad u had Fun Minlock!
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Posted 08 December 2012 - 07:37 PM

Omg!!! Thanks for this mini fanaccount!! You are super lucky to be able to get the toy back from stage:) haha, i was laughing when you described his scent:) maybe i'd sniff it too if i got itxd i don't think your toy looks normal though, i think its super adorable and it reminds me of dangos xd are you going to wash the cake off the plushie? I always think that I'm not going to wash it, but then again if i washed it... But i haven't been lucky enough to get sth that they touched like you, so will you be washing it xd?

#10 menchie


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Posted 08 December 2012 - 09:35 PM

Waaaah, I'm so jealous of you right now!
It's all Jinki related and I so wish I was in your position right now! I would totally do the same things you did with that toy. xD
Can this please happen to me one day? omg you're very lucky!
But I'm glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing this with us! ♥


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:23 AM

girl i totally understand you, ever since I joined fandom its like onew and Taemin totally screwing my life up, so I am constantly messed by onew.
he is such a bias list wrecker, and I'm a tae mint! T_T

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:24 AM

idk how retarded I must've looked trying to sniff a toy on the public transport lmao
she could have insisted on keeping it, but she didn't!! lucky there wasn't a fight over this ;~~;
HIS SWEAT REALLY SMELLS LIKE......... uh kinda sweet?????? or idk if that's the cake LOL

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh god I couldn't stop laughing reading all this :lol: Thank you for this hilarious fanacc!! Concerts in Singapore sound so cool, like everyone prepares toys and it becomes a toy wonderland ^^


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:34 AM

OMG you're so lucky girl! This made me really jealous even if i'm a locket ..
Look at how his arms touched your toy!
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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:35 AM

i wanna smell his sweet sweat too :D it must've smell sweet because he's a sweet guy hihi
if i were you, i wouldn't wash it, i'd sleep, eat, go everywhere with the sweet smell of jinki's sweat ^^
i never knew you could throw stuffs at stage.. thanks for telling~
i shall buy a stuffed animal just in case shinee would come to my country hehe

#15 Alalute



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Posted 09 December 2012 - 03:16 AM

I actually thought that they keep these toys to themselves as gifts. Hmmm....

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 04:32 AM

OOOOH! So lucky!

jksdlhfjsdhfjkldsfhsa I saw him waving with that toy and I was like: "Ooooh, that toy is sooo cute! I want that, too!"
and then I saw this fanaccount and I spaced out xDD

I actually thought it was a caterpillar at first, though xD

It is always so interesting to read fanaccounts from a concert you attended yourself ^^
I liked it to read it from your point of view :)


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#17 C.L. 7

C.L. 7


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 04:37 AM

:o you are so lucky!!!! By the way, may i know where you get the toy?? It's really cute and i like rilakkuma very much :wub: but my country seldom sell it or it's very expensive x_x T_T

#18 Kerorominho



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Posted 09 December 2012 - 05:37 AM

You're really lucky that Onew picked it up among the sea of toys and having to get it back!!! I was there too and I saw many of the toys being thrown onto the stage and honestly it looked like a mess LOL. And i heard most of the toys got thrown away by the security so you're really lucky ^^

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#19 Sunshine :D

Sunshine :D


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 07:34 AM

Omg you're so luckkyyyyyy i'm happy for you girl!
IT GOT ONEW'S SWEAT AND CAKED! Lol no you are not retarded for sniffing his scent xD I'd probably do the same like you hahaha regardless it's Key or not (yes i'm a locket keke) but you're seriously a ver lucky girl ^^
Thanks for sharing your once-in-a-lifetime fangirling moments

#20 laserkey



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Posted 09 December 2012 - 08:05 AM

hahaha i was there too!! happy for you :DDD you're really lucky :) even more lucky to get your toy back! minho took the reindeer headband that me and friend threw!!!! so i totally understand you girl ;D as i said you're really lucky to have gotten it back!!!! don't wash that toy!! hahah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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#21 stormofstarzz2



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Posted 09 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

One of the cutest fanaccounts ever! How lucky you are to have even gotten the plushie back.
It makes me very proud that you were able to get it back from another Shawol who treated you so nicely.
Truly a time to never forget! ^^

#22 Lasco92


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 09:23 AM

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! this was freakin' hilarious!!!!!!
aaawww so nice to see how spazzy out you are!! (dunno if that makes sense, but hopefully you know what i'm tryna say!)
you're so lucky!! wah!! i was sorta going crazy seeing him wave your toy around watching the fancam cos i know it's yours!!

seriously one thing i love about this fandom is how cute it is!!! stuffed toys everywhere at the concert is just so awesome!!! i'd love to see what's it's like!!
i love cute things!!!! and everything Shawols bring to the concert is so freakin' adorable!!!
it's honestly a toy wonderland!!! i'd wanna keep everything!!!

#23 xueqiee



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Posted 09 December 2012 - 05:37 PM

omg hahahahah sweet smelling sweat??!! hahahah that's so funny. lucky you!!!

[ lee jinki ] [ shinee ]
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#24 joAnnwashere



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Posted 10 December 2012 - 05:11 AM

Oh oh oh! And that plushie, I believe it's supposed to be a Japanese dango XD It's like mochi on a stick only different :3


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#25 _wisteria



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Posted 10 December 2012 - 05:24 AM

This fanaccount is hilarious, hahahahahaha

You lucky person! I think its a good thing that he didnt keep the toy so that you'll have a keepsake ^^

maybe they can open a plushie toy from all the stuff fans throw at them :))

Uhhhhh I am euphoric too after reading this. I really wish they would hold a concert here too!

You remind me of a scene in Reply 1997... When Eunji won the shirt that Tony Ahn (H.O.T.) used, she wouldn't stop smelling it even it was still wet from the sweat kkkkk

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