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{EVENT} 121228 KBS Gayo Daechukje Rehearsal

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#1 joAnnwashere



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Posted 28 December 2012 - 11:04 PM

Staffs from today's Gayo rehearsal were impressed in SHINee. They alone got cheers and claps from the staffs for their live vocal performance
Source: DC
Shared by: markey @ shineee.net

Taemin left the stage in the middle of the rehearsal. When he came back, Onew asked him where did he go.He searched for Taemin like a MOM.
Shared by: markey @ shineee.net

They played a lot during the rehearsal. Onew was very polite and he said hello to the staffs one by one. He looked uncomfortable but still he didn't miss to show his good manners towards the staffs.
Source: em_923
Shared by: markey @ shineee.net

- During SHINee rehearsal the PD said "give me the video source" Jonghyun heard it and was joking with members "takoyaki sauce~"
- Members had a good laugh over it. Minho at the back said "teriyaki sauce" in a tiny voice, joking shylyㅋㅋ
- In the middle of rehearsal Taemin went away from his seat for a while, Onew searched for him "where did Taem go?" Seems like Onew care about Taemin a lot ^_^
- PD was saying that "Get the lights on when they sing SHINee is BACK" emphasized on the word "back", members then joked again "clutch bag~ Clu-tch bag~" in various of tones. Minho ended the joke with "Kibummie back"
Translated by: onyuxccy

Happen to go to the broadcasting station to watch rehearsal. When Onew passed by me, he said 'how are you?' and greeted me. Even though he does not look well but he acted as if he was alright and greeted me. He also greeted the other staff workers. Not only does he have the (singing & dancing) capabilities and has a good perspective (?) - Awesome SHINee and Onew!
During SHINee's rehearsal, PD said "Please give me video source~!" Jonghyun heard and went to the other members and said "Takoyaki sauce~". Then Minho silently/carefully said "Terriyaki sauce" kekeke
Source: hadaimdang
Kor-Chi Translation: EM_923
Chi-Eng Translation: thpapergangster

Compiled by joAnnwashere @ shineee.net


Art by halysia

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 11:28 PM

OMG Onew didnt look well?? I didnt hear about this! I hope he get well soon.. *throwed pile up of worries!* They still have lots of schedule ahead these day not to mentionb preparation of their comeback..

I think he looks after taemin a lot because Taemin is a bit carefree person (no offence, Mints.. B) ), he's afraid Tae get intro trouble :wub: :D

#3 ShiningTaemin:3



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Posted 28 December 2012 - 11:33 PM

aww... Onew oppa is not well and still thinks Taemin first! The best leader! Get well soon! YAH! Taemin dont make Onew oppa worry so much.. aigoo! this kid lol :D

Let's be friends ^^;;  

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#4 yuya0718



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Posted 28 December 2012 - 11:46 PM

Playful JjongMinho..
'Kibumie back?' Naugthy minho teased Kibum.

What wrong with Onew??yeah,Taemin-ah don't make leader worried about you..listen well baby.

#5 Fooz57


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Posted 29 December 2012 - 12:35 AM

Onew is such a good leader to look after Taemin the way he does. Taemin's mind wanders and Onew makes sure he pays attention!

#6 niciang



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Posted 29 December 2012 - 01:16 AM

- In the middle of rehearsal Taemin went away from his seat for a while, Onew searched for him "where did Taem go?" Seems like Onew care about Taemin a lot ^_^

my ontae feels exploding T_____________________________T
i can't T___T :(
~~ btw, SHINee babies love to joke around XDD HAHAHA

#7 shineethebestonew



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Posted 29 December 2012 - 09:51 AM

I think its expected of onew to feel worried when one of the members go missing.. n being a respectful person, of course he will acknowledge everyone and greet them.. but I still find these traits of him amuse me.. n I love every bit of it ..

I think onew were not feeling well.. maybe that is the cause of him feeling uncomfortable..

I'm glad that the rest are having fun.. playing around and joking ^^

Shinee hwaiting ~~!

#8 onewjjang



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Posted 30 December 2012 - 03:48 AM

Lol.. They seem to have fun even though Onew is not feeling well.
And of course Onew is super concern for Taemin.
Among the others I think he cares for Taem bb a bit more because he is young I guess. Lol.
And the clutch bag!!! ROFL!!!

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#9 Lasco92


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Posted 30 December 2012 - 08:40 AM

ahahah goodness they are such dorks!!!!
oh it is so lovely to know that the staff loved SHINee's live!!!! indeed SHINee are amazing!!!

#10 dubu_manknae



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Posted 01 January 2013 - 02:24 PM

haha AWW cute caring Onew:`D He cares about every1 except himself:(
He gt tense over TaeMin even when he was unwell Ahh~ tht leader always sooo RESPONSIBLE :D

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